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Handicraft, from “Vieille Armoire”

There are handmade toys, pillows, aprons and many more articles even the smallest part is a piece of art. They are beautifully embroidered handworks can be selected and can enchant the most exquisite of tastes.
Every product is presented in detail so that the bidder has an illusion of cradling it in his hands.

Site characteristics:
-WordPress CMS
-accessible with all main browsers.
-enables online payment
-can be linked with stock software


The new look of the article in the shop

Realistic look of “Vieille Armoire” products will encourage everyone to plump for them, even those who must touch the product before buying.

Zooming in on the products

Everyone can take a glimpse of articles prior to purchasing. The website has enabled visitors to evaluate the product’s quality from the material, seems and additional extras. All these products’ traits can always be examined on the website by zooming in on the product until each individual thread is clearly visible.